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wdt_IDProduct NameCAS #FormulaSynonym
2Diphenyl Ether000092-52-4; 000101-84-8
5para-anisic acid0100-09-04C​8​H​8​O​3​
6Ethyl Benzyl Aniline, Sulfonic Acid0101-11-1C​1​5​H​1​7​N​O​3​S​
7dibenzyl ketone0102-04-05C​1​5​​H​1​4​​O​
81,3 Diphenyl Guanidine0102-06-07C​6​H​5​N​H​C​(​=​N​H​)​N​H​C​6​H​5​
9muguet carbinol0103-05-09C​1​1​H​1​6​O​
10narcissus acetate0103-07-01C​1​3​H​1​8​O​2​
112-Ethylhexyl Acrylate0103-11-7C​1​1​H​2​0​O​2​
Product NameCAS #FormulaSynonym

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